Name of the Work
Contract Amt. in INR ( Lakhs ) Capacity in MLD
Environmental Upgradation of Panji City Phase-I
( Part I to V )

Part I : Designing, construction, testing, commissioning of 12.50 MLD capacity Sewage Treatment Plant at Tonca,Panji
Part II : Renovation and remodeling of existing Sewage Treatment Plant at Tonca,Panji
Part III : Design, construction,testing,commissioning of Tertiary Treatment units, for conditioning secondary effluent for gardening.(Deleted from scope of work )
PartIV : Providing, laying, jointing, testing, commissioning HDPE under water effluent disposal pipeline in Mondovi Estuary, including anchorage.
Part V : Extension of Sewer lines at Tamadimatti,Patto colony and left out area of Panji city.
PWD 1332.521 12.50
Designing, Providing, Constructing, Erection and Commissioning of Mental Hospital Pumping Station at Yerwada, Pune PMC 123.38 -
Designing, Providing, Constructing and Commissioning Sewage Treatment Plant of 7.5 MLD Capacity at Panchak, Nashik based on Conventional Activated Sludge (ASP) Process. NMC 282.00 7.50

H. N. BHAT & CO.